Engine Parts

Although the principles of internal combustion haven’t changed substantially from the days of Henry Ford, the engineering involved in making vehicles fuel efficient, fast, manoeuvrable, stylish, and distinctive all at the same time advances constantly.

Every new model brings with it changes to engine parts, some extremely subtle. So, a supplier of car parts and second hand spares must not only keep an extensive range of existing parts but also continuously update his stock and catalogue to ensure that customers can easily get the parts they need for the cars they’re driving off the showroom floors today.

This entails a considerable investment in inventory. Only a business that is thriving because it keeps its customers happy can afford to carry such a volume of stock.

An extended and evolving inventory also entails astute management to ensure that the most popular parts are available all the time and those less frequently asked for can be easily and rapidly sourced.

Team Merbeda has a reputation for giving customers quick access to the parts they need. The range of our stock is unsurpassed. And, in those rare cases where we don’t have an item, either because it’s rare or old, we guarantee that we will find it for you, anywhere in Africa.

We’re steeped in the evolution of the combustion engine used in motor vehicles, because we’ve been stripping cars and fitting parts for nearly two decades. And, during that time, we’ve also been stocking new parts for some of the world’s top vehicle brands, being trained on all the innovations they introduce with each successive model.

So, if we don’t stock it, then the chances are you don’t need it. And if we can’t find it, then it doesn’t exist.

If it can be done, we’ll do it


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