Motor Car Parts

When a car is ‘broken’, in that a vital part of either the engine or the body is damaged or malfunctioning, that probably means that the driver and his or her family are without transport.

In South Africa and the rest of Africa that’s not just an inconvenience, it can actually affect someone’s job prospects. There just isn’t enough reliable public transport to ensure that people can get to work on time – or get their kids to school or their soccer or netball games.

And, if the vehicle is one of a fleet that does deliveries or has to get people and equipment on to site, then a delay in getting motor car parts can be disastrous to the business and, ultimately to the people who work for it.

At Team Merbeda, we understand that when a part is needed, it’s needed today. We also understand that whether a part is needed for a privately-owned vehicle or a business, the price for the part must not make getting back on the road financially punishing.

So, we have a full range of new spares for the most popular cars on the road today. We also have a full range of second hand spares, most of which we have stripped from vehicles we ourselves have bought. So, we can guarantee their origins and quality. Every part is catalogued and stored in such a way that we can tell you immediately whether we have it in stock and we can deliver it to a member of the pubic, a garage, or a dealer – on the same day.

Because we have such an extensive range of parts and our stock turnover is high, we can keep prices more than affordable.

We pride ourselves on being living proof that, in terms of parts and accessories, neither a vehicle breakdown nor an accident need keep you from going about your daily life and business.

If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you – anywhere in Africa


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